The car was moving away from the dog and her 9 puppies. They only left them a box

There was no point in running after the car. Of course, no one would have made a stop. It was useless to call for humanity and mercy. In extreme cases, they would simply be moved to another place. Well, let the Lord judge them! And the mother dog was fussing around the box with her cubs.

She didn’t have time to think about what had happened. She needed to take care of her babies.

Existence in a box

The box was slowly but surely falling apart into small pieces. Some people just walked by and pretended not to notice anything. Others fed the dogs, and then went where they had previously gone. However, some made a shelter for animals.

Of course, the house «breathed its last«, but such a shelter protected animals from adverse weather. Hay served as a mat for animals. Therefore, the dogs were warm. Every day Elena and her husband fed the dogs. Also, they told their neighbors and acquaintances about them. Soon six puppies found their owners.

However, a new surprise soon arrived. Someone dropped off three more babies. For a dog named Maruska, there were no other dog’s children. She accepted the foundlings as her babies. The dog warmed them with warmth and affection.

Maruska found a temporary shelter. However, she was a little sad when she lost her cubs. She used to have a reason to fight for her life, but now it’s gone. People tried to convey to her that her cubs were safe.

She listened attentively and looked with her pure sincere eyes. At some point, Maruska believed people and became more calm and cheerful.

Now she knows that everything will be fine. Maruska is affectionate to people. She considers every person a friend.

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