In the cold snow-white puppies remained on the street. Neither a warm corner nor a booth they could not find

The snow-white puppies were left alone on the street. The thermometer showed -5, and the animals did not even have a simple booth in which they could hide from the wind.

Every day people passed by the kids but hurrying to their warm homes, they did not think about sheltering the kids from the cold for at least a few days. Only one woman showed participation – she fed the crumbs and was going to pick up one of them in the future, but this did not fundamentally solve the situation. The babies urgently needed to be taken to the heat, so she contacted the volunteers.

The last straw that dispelled all the doubts of the volunteers was the news that the puppies of about the same age did not survive the cold weather, only a couple of them survived, who managed to be picked up from the street.

No one doubted that the puppies needed help, but it was unclear where to find shelter for them. Enteritis has raged in places of temporary care, and it is very dangerous for puppies. Then it became clear that the only place where the kids can survive the frosts is the house that the volunteers are already renting for the Mayor, a malamute undergoing treatment. Sam doesn’t like big dogs, but there was a hope that he wouldn’t touch the kids.

The hostess of the house where Sam lives with the girl who takes care of him reacted positively to the idea and permitted small tenants to live.

For the kids, they bought a spacious cage-aviary and a waterproof mattress. The animals got to the new house tired and hungry. As soon as they stepped into the house, they enthusiastically attacked the food, and then lay down on a blanket and fell asleep. The puppies spent the first night indoors at the battery, trying to warm up for all the time that they had to live on the street.

Sam treated the new neighbors with favor, however, while they were sleeping, he stole a couple of toys from the puppies for himself.

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