Dad sleeps downstairs on the couch with his old dog to make it comfortable

Once a very energetic dog, Spike now struggles to get out for a walk or even wander the house, let alone climb the stairs himself. And that’s the worst thing for a 14-year-old English springer spaniel who used to sleep in his loving human parents’ room. But each one of us is willing to make our dogs happy, and this dog’s family is no different from the others.

Ever since Catherine Morris adopted Spike over nine years ago, springer spaniel has become very attached to her and her family. He was so happy to be adopted, at that time a five-year-old dog loved his humans so much that he could not do without them even at night. That’s why Spike used to sleep comfortably in the master bedroom.
“Even the first night we had him, we closed the stair gate and went to bed,” Catherine explained for The Dodo. “But after a couple of minutes, we heard him jumping over the gate in the dark and trotting up into my parents’ room and straight up onto the bed! And that’s where he slept from then on.”
But now that Spike is old and sick, the situation looks a little different. The dog just suffered his second stroke in a matter of weeks, and he’s not doing too well, but Spike is as much of a fighter as he ever was, and he’s so determined to get better. Still, he needs a lot of rest, as he can barely walk. But his loving family is doing everything in their power to make Spike feel comfortable.
Since climbing the stairs to sleep where he’s been sleeping all this time is just a memory, Catherine’s dad came up with a charming plan just to make sure their dog doesn’t feel lonely. Spike has a very comfortable bed downstairs now, but with such a loving family, he won’t sleep a single night alone because his family changes to keep him company.

So when she came by to visit her family, Catherine was so surprised to learn her dad is sleeping on the sofa, with Spike.

«They’re inseparable,» said the young woman. «My dad calls him «old bean,» and they never stop talking. He will also bring water and food to Spike on the couch and feed him from his hands to ensure that he receives medication to maintain his strength. We love our old boy so much and we’re so happy to have him in our lives!»
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