Caring Golden Retriever and tiny guinea pig become inseparable friends

Even we witnessed all sorts of unlikely friendships between animals of different species, every time a special bond like that surfaces it is just fascinating. Usually, the more different two animals are, the more special their connection may be, and that never was more accurate than now. This time it is a friendly Golden Retriever and a tiny Guinea pig that take the Internet by storm with their unexpected friendship. Meet Frankenstein and Pippin.

Both dogs and guinea pigs are known as very social creatures and despite the differences between them, they could actually be great pairs too. While Pippin, the Golden Retriever is very gentle and caring, her tiny little fella Frankenstein is full of energy and always seeking adventures. He’s also obsessed with a much larger fur sister and he’s following her everywhere. But Pippin did not have any problem with that. In fact, she’s taking care of her friend and hardly tries to keep him out of trouble.

“He has to follow her everywhere she goes,” their mom told THE DODO. “He always has to be up under her when they’re outside. Some describe it like he’s on the remote control. Pippin really doesn’t mind her little shadow. She’s totally fine with it.”

But Frank’s favorite part is napping because in this way he can snuggle under his sister’s huge fur. And as a lovely friend she is, Pippin is spoiling his rotten. “If Pippin is on the couch, he has to be under her,” their mom said. “He just becomes at ease. She’s his comfort pillow.”

This unusual, yet wonderful pair has won everyone’s heart, so their mom thought it might a great idea if they would have their own Instagram. There over 60,000 followers can’t wait to see another footage of a snap of these two lovely companions. Have a look:

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