The story of a lion jumping into a safari car full of people to ask for hugs

I like to hug cats unless they’re big! Wild animals, especially lions, are very dangerous, and getting close to them is not a good idea. Let’s not even think about hugging them.

However, in this story, the lion climbs into a tourist car and suddenly shows a good attitude.

During a safari at the Taigan Parkin Vilnohisk, Crimea, one of the lions noticed a car full of trippers and approached it. Then the lion named Filya jumped into the car and started to lick the surprised tourists. The animal didn’t show any sign of aggressiveness.

On the contrary, the big cat was very gentle and loving towards tourists. He was begging for more cuddles, which made visitors get comfortable with Filya. Several people even could take selfies with the giant lion.

It sounds strange and confusing, but the place is known for letting beasts interact with people.

However, don’t forget, wild creatures can make unexpected steps and harm your life.

Now watch Filya craving snuggles and hugs.

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