At the enterprise, the dog got hit by a car, broke its paws and sought help from people

It is still unknown how Tosya ended up in that place. Most likely, people just took it there and left it. Of course, the dog could not live there for a long time and as a result, fell under the wheels of the car. And with a serious fracture, it began to crawl up to people, begging for help. Of course, all people are different, especially since it is difficult to notice a small dog in the stream of cars that asked to help it. However, it was noticed!

We were contacted by people working at that enterprise. Of course, we could not refuse. In addition, one of the women agreed to take the dog for temporary care. We had to take the animal to the veterinary clinic, which was located in another city. There, the doctor was able to collect the bones literally in pieces, securing them with special spokes. So, the surgery went well.

At first, Tosya returned to the place of temporary care, but there it began to go to the toilet on the floor of the house from stress. The woman didn’t want to tolerate it and told us to pick up the dog or she would send it outside.

We could not allow this baby to be on the street again after the operation. Therefore, we sent for paid temporary care to a hotel for animals. Yes, this place of temporary care is not home, the dog has to live there according to the regime, and sleep in a cage. But no one will send to the street, the bowl is always filled with food, they walk with it, it is warm and safe.

While Tosya lives in a hotel, it was loved by all the staff. It is a very affectionate, tame, and completely domestic dog who deserves to be cared for and loved. It needs a home and loving owners.

This little dog should not live on the street, and even more so at the enterprise. After all, Tosya is a very affectionate and homely baby.

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