«Dead» Cat comes home alive a few hours after the heartbreaking funeral

Loki began his life as a vagrant, but after appearing in Nathan’s life three years ago, they quickly became best friends.

Loki is an indoor/outdoor cat, he loves taking himself on walks through the neighborhood and surrounding areas.


One day, as Nathan was returning from work, he discovered the lifeless body of his best friend on the side of the road.

He knew it was Loki from the markings, it looked like he was hit by a car. Nathan and his girlfriend took Loki’s body to a corner in the backyard of their house and buried him there.


Nathan said, «I was incredibly emotional. I cried and I couldn’t believe my cat was dead.»

The next morning, Loki appeared, as if returning home from his usual walk.


Nathan was completely stunned when he saw him, and Loki was actually still alive and well.

Miraculously, Loki came back from the dead, and there was no denying that this was an incredible turn of events.


At that point, Nathan realized that he must have buried someone else’s cat by mistake, so he disseminated information so that the other cat’s family could be informed of the situation.

All of this experience caused Nathan not to let Loki wander everywhere as he didn’t want to go through this grief again.


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