Rejected puppy adopted by cat mother

I have always been amazed at how a cat’s instinct kicks in when it comes to mothering.

An adorable puppy was rejected by his mother at birth but he had the good fortune to be adopted by a mother cat.


Her mothering hormones are so strong, he/she immediately accepts him as her own.

The puppy was born on the same day as her litter and he happily adapts to his new family.


Kittens live by different social rules to puppies, even at feeding time when they suckle.

They tag their mothers’ teats with their scent and return to the same one each time.


This simple rule maintains peace and harmony during feeding time.

It’s very different for puppies, pack life involves fighting for your share.


 This means that the puppy is breaking all of the cat’s social conventions. His instincts express themselves despite being part of this feline family.

Watch the video to see what happens as the little puppy adapts to his new family:

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