Unnecessary: when the cat aged, it was taken to the field

This is a cat without a name and age. We just call her «Cat from the Way.»

Two days ago, the discarded, starved and thirsty pet barely got to the middle of the track. It wasn’t clear if she was looking for help or death. The nearest settlement is located ten kilometers away, and there are only fields, abandoned houses and cars rushing at speed.

We noticed and slowed down. The cat, barely alive, immediately attacked the dog food that we were taking to the place of temporary care for the dog. Apparently, out of impotence, she did not even see the food that was scattered in the grass, she only smelled it thanks to her sense of smell. The animal was very emaciated, only the bones were visible, and the eyes were full of tears.

She continued to eat in the car, we put her in a box. After a while she dozed off.

We took her to the veterinary clinic, where she was examined, had a blood test, connected to the system for dehydration.

An adult cat weighed only 1 kg 900 g. There are no front teeth, there are probably fleas and ticks, we will find out about this when we remove the tangles. The kitty from the road needs to be treated, have an ultrasound to check the kidneys and eat well to gain weight.

The vet said that the cat is already old. Maybe that’s why they got rid of her.

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