A half-blind dog survived in a box near the track. It was no longer needed by the owners because of the new dog

The poor thing has been living by the road since January. Her owners kicked her out of the house, opting for a new thoroughbred shepherd dog, which did not like the housemate, she constantly offended the old lady, then they decided to get rid of the dog, considering it already old and worthless. And now the unfortunate animal is constantly sitting by the highway, looking at her house from afar, but she does not go there, because she knows that they will drive her away anyway.

Natalia, who arrived at the place where the poor dog survives every day, left there with a heavy heart because she could not take her with her. However, the poor dog still did not get out of her head. Then Natalia wrote to me.

When I saw Sonya, I had no peace anymore. My heart was squeezed with pain because she is so small, defenseless, and all alone, how could she be kicked out in her old age in the cold, where cars drive all the time and there is no chance to survive? How would they react in old age to the fact that they cannot come to the house that was once theirs, and only they can look at it from afar?

I asked Natalia to come back, pick up the dog, take her to the vet for an examination first, and then hand the dog over to us.

It’s just terrible that no one has found a little space for such a small dog that weighs only 5 kilograms for so long! But there are large private houses all around. Where is this world going? Everything is clear with the owners, but the rest of the residents, you’ve seen the dog there all the time! And none of them thought about helping the unfortunate animal! But she also needed the help of a veterinarian!

Natalia was able to pick up Sonya in an hour. The dog behaved calmly and peacefully, even too much. She sat very quietly on her hands and looked at the clinic with interest, waiting for her turn. Just gold, not a dog! She behaved like a mouse, completely trusting people. And at the end, she even started to smile.

Sonya is a real angel, a very kind and quiet dog. She is peculiar in her own way, but very sweet and pleasant in communication, that it is impossible not to fall in love with her.

During the examination, no serious health problems were revealed, but there are still small ones. Things are not good with the eye, and the rest was processed and the dog was released.

At the moment, Sonya lives in a hotel for animals. Since she is very modest and has not seen a better life, she appreciates what she has, enjoys food, her new booth, but still, she is very lonely, looking at the world with one eye, through the bars of the aviary, and listening to the steps, hoping that kind people will come for her…

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