Even an adult because of its size, it looks like a small kitten.

These wild desert cats are rare even in our zoos, so you can see these crumbs only on the Internet. The fluffy animal lives in Central Asia, Pakistan, and the regions of North Africa. The animal is adapted to difficult living conditions, the natural environment for dune cats is deserts and stony valleys.

Rare vegetation is enough for them to survive, but animals can do without it at all.

Much less often dune cats can be found on the coast, where they also choose harsh landscapes – rocky ramparts, clay salt marshes.

Despite being hardened by harsh conditions, dune cats differ in very small sizes. They look more like domestic cats than wild animals.

In height, adults barely reach 30 cm, in length, they reach a maximum of 90 cm, even though half of this figure falls on a long tail.

Dune cats appear in the desert after dark, but in the daytime, they sleep.

The animal does not build a house, using fox holes, porcupines, ground squirrels abandoned by their owners for the night.

The harsh environment has made ideal survivalists out of crumbs – they are not afraid of low or high temperatures, they can not drink for weeks, getting liquid from their prey.

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