The kind girl realized that just feeding the cat is not enough, it could not get up on its paws

Natalia Kozlovskaya, to the best of her ability, tries to help every animal that is in trouble. And so it was this time. The girl could not treat with indifference to the animal that was dying on the street.

To give you an idea of what we are talking about, I will briefly tell you the backstory. One yard cat gave birth to five kittens, but only one survived. The tenants of the house fed the kitten daily, but no one dared to take the poor animal to themselves.

Natalia also brought food to the kitten, not planning to take it to her home. But one incident changed everything.

One day, as she walked by, she saw the kitty lying motionless among the leaves. Natalia immediately realized that something bad had happened to the kitten. Perhaps evil people hurt it or it was maimed by yard dogs. Or maybe it got hit by a car? She never finds out. Now the main thing is to save the animal.

The girl took the kitten to a veterinary clinic, where, after examination, it turned out that it had a hip fracture. Expensive surgery was required, which, fortunately, was paid for by the sponsor. The kitten was named Thomas and today it is safe, even though there is a long way to go to a full recovery, more than one month long.

After this incident, Natalia decided to take the kitten to her home. The kitty quickly befriended the rest of her pets. Thomas is very grateful to its new owner for its salvation and always meets her with a gentle meow.

Now the girl can not imagine her life without this soft lump. The famous expression comes to mind: « There would be no happiness, but misfortune would help. »

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