The baby-dog stood on a fallen tree, and in its eyes was the question: «Why are you leaving me?»

Suddenly, a sleepy surprised muzzle appeared from a round hole. And then wonderful paws with freckles! I can’t stop looking at dogs that have freckles on their paws, this is my weakness. If I still decide to take a dog and choose a puppy, then it will have freckles on its paws!

The photoshoot failed, as the puppy was running merrily behind my son’s legs under his enthusiastic shouts. They ran back and forth through the mud and leaves, and I kept trying to make a good photo of the amused baby. It turned out to be a girl. Usually, girls are taken much less often than boys. Now, if I could find a place of temporary care for her so that she would grow up to be sterilized, then for sure, with good photos and the right announcement, there would be a big queue of those who would like to take her home. However, I want to believe that the curator will be able to find a home for her now.

I did everything, so I returned the puppy to the booth, grabbed my son by the hand, and ran away from the doggie’s place of residence so that she would follow us. The baby barked and ran after us. I turned around at the indignant barking and saw the picture that I captured in the picture – the puppy was standing in confusion, putting her paws on a fallen tree, and the question was read in her eyes: «Why are you leaving me?».

I confess that for the rest of the day and almost the whole night, this picture stood before my eyes. In the morning I immediately wrote to my friend, who periodically takes stray dogs for temporary care. In the message, I wrote that there is a very lonely puppy who needs a home and care. And the friend agreed to take the little girl for temporary care.

I immediately went in search of a puppy. Arrived there, but the booth met me with silence. I’ve come, baby! Come out! I whistled, clicked my tongue, but no one responded. How so? After all, I was here only yesterday! Bad thoughts began to come into my head. What if the baby is there, but doesn’t come out? I knelt on the damp, muddy ground to inspect the booth inside, to see if anyone was alive there.

And then a wet, sleepy nose poked into my face. The baby recoiled, like me, from surprise. She thought for a second, and then rushed into my arms, wagging her tail. I’ve come back for you and I’m taking you to a wonderful person!

A friend greeted us with a joyful smile on her face. The puppy quickly got to know all the other temporary residents. Several noses immediately poked into the crumb to sniff properly. If you compare the dogs with my baby, which I picked up, then they are gigantic! However, the baby did not get confused, but on the contrary, began to play with them.

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