The exhausted puppy was so glad that he was finally rescued, that he hides his face in the hands of the rescuer.

A little puppy who was sick lived in a little garage behind the apartment.

The tenants always threw things into the garage and never noticed the inner resident. And a dog called Chowder is used to this life, but always waiting for the unexpected miracle.

A kind person once saw it. The man gave it water and food, and the dog, in turn, immediately trusted him.

He also called a rescue team to take care of the dog, and they were happy to escort the doggie to the local shelter.

All the way back, it hugged the volunteer who was holding it. Looks like the pooch thanked the good person for finally being rescued.

As soon as the dog was in the shelter, its eyes were examined and it was revealed that it was an eye infection, so the veterinarians immediately began to treat the dog’s eyes.

After all that it had been through, Chowder is finally safe and surrounded with love and care. It is a well-mannered and disciplined baby, it truly deserves to be happy.

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