A wild and wise stallion saves the life of a sinking horse

Somehow, the little foal ended up in the water and began to drown. it tried to swim out on its own, but all its efforts were in vain. It only made the situation worse.

The little horse was in despair. It did not know how to get out.

It was a sunny day when horses grazed near the Salt River. A wild stallion saw a horse drowning.

The wild stallion separated from the group and decided to save the baby. He caught the horse and grabbed it from its neck.

Through the ingenuity and actions of a wild stallion, the horse lives happily with its family.

The horse led the cub to the shore. He stayed with it to see if the horse is safe and sound.

The horse ran to Mom. The reunion was so emotional and touching. Animal feelings and love for each other are unconditional.

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