A police dog injured in the line of duty has a priceless reaction when reunited with a police officer

When we think of dogs, we often see them as loving, charming pets that wag their tails when they see us and do all sorts of stupid things. However, police dogs are specially trained to assist the police and other law enforcement officers in their work.

The work they do is extremely important, and their human colleagues often consider them as legitimate police officers. Most police officers maintain extremely close relationships with the police dogs with whom they work as a team and treat them as their righteous partners.

So when something bad happens to one of these dogs, it’s personal. Bruno, the dog on the charming video below, was injured in the line of duty. A seven-year-old dog was hit when he was on assignment with his partner. Bruno was seriously injured but managed to make a miraculous recovery.

After an emergency operation, the dog reunited with his fellow officer, who happens to be his best friend as well. The moment of the reunion was filmed, and it will most likely make you cry.

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