The miniature kangaroo gets along well with people and sometimes acts like a dog

A little kangaroo named Luna lost her mother at an early age. Fortunately, she had been helped by people who cared, and without their help, the baby would not have been able to adapt and survive among humans. Unfortunately, she’ll never be able to return to the wild.

The kangaroo was adopted by an Australian girl. Richelle Weideman lives on a small farm, raises many pets, but she doesn’t have a kangaroo yet, no wonder she has a special relationship with little Luna.

Richelle feeds the kangaroo every three hours, plays with the baby. Weideman admits that the kangaroo grows spoiled.

Richelle notes that the baby is quick-witted, quickly adapts to new conditions. Luna befriends a collie named Indy.

That is why the behavior of the kangaroo is sometimes very reminiscent of the habits of a dog – the baby sleeps in the house where Indy lives, loves to lie with her owner on the couch, cuddling up to her.

Richelle teaches the baby to return to her natural habitat – she takes her to a local nature reserve, where Luna gets to know her relatives, plays with them.

Luna is content with her life and owner! Although in comfortable conditions, she remains a kangaroo!

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