Because of the unpleasant smell, no one wanted to help the kitty

Svetlana contacted the volunteers and asked them to help the cat, but because of the ice on the roads, the aid could not come. Two days later, the woman called again and asked to hurry, saying that the animal came to her every day and seemed to ask for help, and the problem, which was a large growth under the tail, was only getting worse. The cat had a very bad smell, so Svetlana didn’t dare take it home. But she let it warm in the shed. The cat would come to the barn, warm up, and then leave again.

Only when going on the road for the cat, the volunteers immediately put it in line for an examination by a veterinarian and surgery. Natalia, who came to pick up the cat, could not visually assess the complexity of the problem, because all that was visible was a huge lump of wool and feces, strayed under the tail. The smell from the cat was creepy and the woman drove to the vet, covering her nose with a scarf.

The doctor’s examination brought good news – there is no loss, only a lump of fur and traces of emptying of the stomach, which became larger every time the cat went to the toilet. The operation did not have to be done, the cat was simply shorn and sent to temporary care, where it was thoroughly bathed and combed out.

The saddest thing about this story is that the cat is perfectly healthy and it doesn’t look like it originally lived on the street. Perhaps, as soon as a problem was formed and a bad smell came from the animal, the negligent owners, instead of washing and cutting it, simply closed the door in front of its nose. If the caring woman had not told the volunteers about the animal, perhaps the fate of the cat would have been much sadder.

In severe frost, the animal would continue to drag a huge lump behind its tail, which would constantly get wet, freeze and increase in size.

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