A faithful dog saves owners from an uninvited guest

There is no doubt about the loyalty and love of our dogs to their people, and while the story that followed is tragic, this faithful dog was a hero and changed the situation that we will celebrate; he sacrificed his life to save many of his family.

It happened in Indonesia when Achi Vijaya woke up this morning and saw his dog lying almost lifeless in the backyard of their house. Achi heard him barking last night.

Last night, when Achi’s entire family was asleep, the thieves intended to break into the house to steal things, but our dog found out. He kept barking and scaring the thieves. Their dog started barking desperately, but no one bothered to hurry and check, thinking the dog had spotted the cat.

Having gone through the process of fighting thieves, unfortunately, the dog was beaten and wounded by thieves.

«They didn’t rob us because our favorite dog kept barking,» said Achi. «We only found out about it after we left the house this morning. We saw that our dog was injured by thieves».

Unfortunately, the dog did not survive. Despite the doctors’ efforts, the dog couldn’t make it through. His death made his family mourn their loss. I hope he’s happy in the new world!

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