The snow-white angel did not hear a sound. But this did not prevent the owners from putting him out on the street

In the morning, the residents of the apartment building were in a hurry to do their business, not realizing that a white cat was walking by the road. Not long ago, it was living with people, and now it’s on a strange and hostile street. The cat didn’t recognize the smell, the people, and the structures around it, and also, it didn’t hear anything.

The cat roamed the yard, not knowing where to hide from the cold and its fears when suddenly felt a blow. The pain was unbearable, it prevented the animal from getting back on its feet, and now the cat could only crawl over cold asphalt, trying to hide from people running past it with an indifferent expression.

The cat crawled in pain when it was picked up. Someone was trying to warm the baby, and then it was in the car and driving for a long time. When the car stopped, the cat was brought into a strange room, where people in blue clothes were watching and groping, and a new, unfamiliar animal smell was spreading.

The only thing that remained unchanged was the silence around it, so the green-eyed little girl had no choice but to turn its head all around, trying to figure out what was going on.

It is unknown whether a cat was lost or thrown out of the house, but a deaf animal that cannot hear the approach of a car or dog has almost no chance of surviving on the street. The girl got under the wheels as soon as it was in the yard of the house.

Despite the difficulties experienced, the cat was lucky – it met a girl. Like the others, hurrying about her business, she noticed the baby on the asphalt. She couldn’t leave it on the road, instead picked it up and took it to the doctor.

Veterinarians found a fracture of the hind legs, volunteers helped with money for treatment. The cat needed the supervision of doctors for a long time and learned to walk again, but in the end, everything ended well and now the baby lives happily in the house of its savior.

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