The gentle lioness can’t stop hugging the man who saved her 10 years ago

Ten years later, this very happy man is still enjoying his morning hugs with his massive fluffy friend: the gentle lioness he saved when she was only a few days old. Since then, they have spent time together, and their inspirational and unique connection shows the world that love is the language in which we all speak, both humans and animals!

Recently, nature conservationist Valentine Grüner shared the video to show everyone the reaction of his lioness friend when she sees him in the morning. Touching images have become viral on the Internet, and it is easy to understand why!

“Sirga thinks of me as a best friend. She loves to give me a big hug,” Gruener said. “She does rub her head on mine a lot, just like a domestic cat. Sirga has never been aggressive towards me but I have huge respect for what she is. I am sure she is aware that I am very different.”

Grüner and Sirga met for the first time in 2012, and there were not the best circumstances. Now such a strong lioness was only a few days old when Grüner found her. Born in rehab, her mother rejected her soon after birth, and she was the only survivor of the litter. Grüner led her to the Modis Wildlife Project, a wildlife conservation center that he co-founded in Botswana. It was there that their great friendship began.

“Sirga is amazingly gentle for a very large cat. When I go to see her, she always hugs me like in that video,” Gruener said. “She has a very friendly and gentle personality for a lion.”

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