The cat brought her baby to the hospital for doctors to examine him

Everyone knows that cats are smart. The cat came to one of the hospitals, bringing her kitten in her teeth. There she gave the baby to the doctors to examine her baby.

Artist Merv Ozjan, who was in the emergency department at the time, told about this on the social network. It was there that the animal brought her cub.

Of course, doctors could not stay away, although they do not treat animals.

Merv said that the kitten could not sit still and tried to run away, but the cat did not let him do it, showing maternal severity. So she kept her mischievous until the medics took him away.

Без кота и жизнь не та

Doctors examined both pets, but no diseases were found. After that, the unusual patients were given food.

Just in case, the doctors still decided to transfer the cat and the baby into the hands of a veterinarian.

Без кота и жизнь не та

After the artist told this story on the social network, all users could not contain their emotions.

Mom-cat is well done that she knew where to turn for help.

Без кота и жизнь не та

Без кота и жизнь не та

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