Mother dog who lost her puppies adopts three orphaned kittens

We had a nickname for our family dog, Mother Hen. It was because she was always a very caring and loving mother to our other pets. Rabbits adored her. They certainly enjoyed her constant kisses and hugs.

Our cats…well, they loved her as well, but they also bullied her a lot for her giant cozy dog bed. Our dogs can be quite affectionate and caring for other animals, and a perfect example of this is Milo.

Milo is a cute little stray dog picked up by a Good Samaritan near the Mexican border with Arizona.

A good stranger then handed her over to the Sunshine Dog Rescue Service. After her rescue, it was revealed that Milo was pregnant.

She was pregnant early, so it was a heart-breaking shock when Milo went into labor very early. Unfortunately, none of her puppies survived birth.

Clearly, the poor dog mother was devastated. She couldn’t understand what had happened to her puppies, and she kept looking for them. It was so sad to see that rescue workers turned to the local community to see if there were any orphan puppies who needed a foster mother. There were no puppies in the area, but there were three orphaned kittens.

That’s when Milo was introduced to the kittens, and she immediately became attached to them! A loving street dog was thrilled to have children to take care of, and she did a fantastic job with them.

Especially she fell in love with a little kitten named Gumball. All three kittens, just like Milo, went on to find their eternal homes. But the most charming part of this happy ending is that Milo and Gumball were adopted by two members of the same family.

Milo was adopted by a man named David, and David’s sister took home Gumball. We can only hope these two will get to spend some wholesome family holidays together in the future!

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