The leopard mother snuggles up against her adorable cub in the touching scenes

A mother loves her child more than anything in the world. That is why a mother and her child – regardless of the species – share a very special and unique bond. The way a mother loves and cares for her baby is irreplaceable. Although some consider them insensitive creatures, wild animals are extremely caring and loving when they come to their cubs!

This wildlife photographer has witnessed himself, just how caring and overprotective wild creatures can be. During an expedition in Kenya, Leighton Lum spotted a mother leopard sharing a very tender moment with her baby. With his camera always ready, the 32-year-old photographer spotted the mother and her cub sleeping next to some bushes. Yet, within moments a downpour woke up the cub.

What came next was nothing but an ocean of cuddles and affection between the two. Excited and always looking for new adventures, the cub started to climb on some trees shortly after waking up. His noisy moves woke the mom up, too. Though he ruined his mom’s short nap, the leopardess did not look upset at all. On contrary, she was all smiles as she hugged her precious baby.

“Eventually he wondered near our vehicle and the mother followed,” the photographer said. “They settled in not more than a 50ft away from the vehicle and started to play. It was incredible.”

In a series of heartwarming photos, Lum caught the mother-cub duo cuddling in the cutest possible way. “I enjoyed watching this tender moment between mother and cub,” he said. “It’s a behavior not often seen and it’s rare to see them like this out in the open and at close range.”

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