Adult cat clings to stuffed animal after owner dies

We all need someone we can rely on in difficult times, but unfortunately for a 16-year-old cat, all he has left in this world was his favorite stuffed animal. Alone after the death of his beloved man, Hoonie found himself in a shelter. Sad and hopeless, the cat found comfort in his stuffed animal!

Shortly after his owner’s death, Hoonie was taken to the Street Cat Rescue Center in Brentwood, Maryland, by the daughter of the deceased owner. She said she couldn’t leave her father’s precious cat because she was allergic, so the 16-year-old animal was just about to go through the hardest time of his life. But at least he had his favorite stuffed animal with him. The only thing he has left in this world is a gift from his owner many years ago.

The staff of the shelter immediately noticed that Hoonie was suffering and getting worse every day, so they rushed to find him a new home!

“We immediately knew that we wanted to help this sweet senior boy so we took him into our adoption program,” Brianna Grant from the shelter, explained for Love Meow. “She [the daughter] wrote a list of his likes and dislikes, and the stuffed animal was one of his top likes. He loves to cuddle with it…Because of how frayed and loved the stuffed animal is, I would guess he’s had it for a few years at least.”

Everyone at the shelter was so impressed by Hoonie’s affection for his friend. His only source of comfort and affection is a stuffed animal that reminds him of family and home. Given his condition, Hoonie was immediately placed under the close supervision of one of the volunteers. That’s until someone adopts him.

“He is in one of my co-workers’ offices to help him get adjusted to everything,” Brianna said. ” Although our shelter is free-roaming for the cats we decided that it would be best for Hoonie to have a space of his own.”

Despite his loss, Hoonie is extremely friendly, always looking for attention and always wanting people around him. Fortunately, everyone in Alley Cat Rescue is extremely affectionate and caring with the senior cat.

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