This faithful dog stayed with his owner, who lost consciousness and was injured after falling

A terrible accident happened to a man named Jesús Hueche. The man cut the branches of his tree. Unfortunately, he slipped and fell to the ground.

The man lost consciousness and hit his head on the ground. His dog was with him until the ambulance arrived.

Even when the doctors arrived and secured the patient’s neck and were about to take the man away, the dog hugged his owner and refused to leave him.

This dog is so loyal to its owner. His hugs have restored the man’s consciousness.

The dog did encourage the man to be manly and overcome the trauma.

The dog even wanted to go with the ambulance and jumped into the ambulance. But the doctors did not allow the dog to go with them. A kind neighbor promised to look after the dog while his owner is in the hospital. The man had no serious injuries, so he recovered very quickly. Soon they met each other.

The owner treated his dog like a son. He said that he took him from the street when he was still a puppy and wandered the streets in search of food and a place to sleep. Now they are inseparable and take care of each other. The dog and his owner have become true friends for each other.

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