A cute little seal watches from the rocks, hoping to escape after being trapped between the rocks

Last week, when a lot of people were walking around the seaside island of St Mary in Whitley Bay in England, they saw a cute little seal stuck between two rocks.

Someone called St. Mary’s Seal company and reported about the poor animal. The rescue team then immediately went to the location where the seal was found.

When the volunteers arrived, they realized that a nice seal had tried to walk across the cliffs and fell between huge stones.

Sometimes seals get stuck between the rocks, but they can get themselves out. But unfortunately, this time, this lovely creature couldn’t get out by itself.

The seal looked poor and hopeless and waited for people who could save it. Because the rescuers and the volunteers were aware of such cases, they simply did the process with caution, they carefully pulled a nice seal out of the stones.

They covered its face with a bath sheet to relieve the stress and make sure the seal didn’t bite them. The rescuers acted quickly, and they managed to get the seal out of the rocks and make sure the seal didn’t get hurt.

Fortunately, a lovely creature is perfectly safe after an unfortunate accident. Rescuers inspected the seal to see if the animal had any serious injuries. When they saw the seal intact, they put it in the water.

Fortunately, the seal has been saved by the aid and swift action of the people who saw it.

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