To save the kangaroo, the teenager dived into the mud

Two teenage boys Nick and Jack went for a bike ride on the wasteland. In that area, the ground resembled mud, it looked like a swamp. Suddenly, the young people saw that the animal’s face was visible in the mud.

The guys came closer. It turned out that the kangaroo is in such an unenviable position. Only his head was sticking out of the mud, his whole body was stuck. It was obvious that the poor kangaroo was desperate and had already accepted his situation. The animal couldn’t even move. He needed emergency help.

The guys realized that they needed to save the unfortunate animal. Nick tied a rope around his waist, plunged into the mud, and literally swam through this swamp to the kangaroo. At the same time, Jack took the other end of the rope to pull his friend out of the viscous liquid along with the kangaroo.

Nick managed to get to the kangaroo and rescue him from this unpleasant situation. At first, the animal resisted. Then the kangaroo relaxed and trusted his savior. Apparently, he realized that this person does not wish him harm.

« We were very worried about his life and safety. There is no water in this county. Most likely, the animal wanted to drink, but then got bogged down in this viscous mud, » the teenagers say.

After the guys released the kangaroo, they carried out a visual inspection. Assuming that the animal needed help, the young people took him to Australian Wildlife Rescue. This is a center that specializes in helping wild animals.

At the center, the animal was given an injection to prevent dehydration. Also, he was bathed and given water. The kangaroo drank the water greedily.

At the moment, the animal is still in the center under the supervision of specialists. His health is not in danger.

Nick is proud of what he did. Kangaroo is a symbol of Australia. The guy thinks that he committed a patriotic act. He’s a real good guy.

« If I ever see an animal in trouble again, I will certainly save it, » says the teenager.

We can be proud of such a young generation.

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