The cat ran to the policeman on duty and “asked” him for help

Every country has different police officers. Some treat their duties with disdain, having no desire to help people, and others even save animals. Once a kitty ran up to the building where the police station was located. She was noticed by a guard at the entrance. The animal began to look into the policeman’s eyes, urging him to follow him. Despite the fact that it is impossible to leave the post, the man still followed the cat.

The policeman went after her not only because she was calling him. He had known this cat for a long time, once upon a time she often ran around the police station. She was on friendly terms with all the guards, they fed her.

One day the kitty gave birth to kittens, but an accident happened. In South Korea, the roads are very busy, traffic does not stop for a minute. So her crumbs died under the wheels of a car. It happened right in front of the police station and the police were aware of it. After the incident, the cat no longer appeared near the building.

But then the kitty reappeared. The guard followed her, but they didn’t have to go far. Soon the kitty led the man to the bushes, in which there were four small kittens. Remembering what had happened, the policeman could not leave the kittens there, especially since the cat did not stop looking into his eyes. He took the kittens in his arms and walked back to the police station, and the cat followed him.

Other police officers found a box in which they put the babies. Thus, they began to live together with their mother on the territory of the department under the supervision of the police. The kittens grew up quickly, were always well-fed and warm.

Raising 4 kittens is not easy, sometimes the cat had no strength left, and she hid from them in a secluded place to sleep peacefully. Then the duties of the mother cat fell on the guard. He could even play with the kittens during working hours. That’s how kittens grew up in care and love, not being afraid of people.

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