Frozen and soaked, the dog wandered through the garbage in search of food

The volunteer decided that day to explore an almost abandoned area of her small town. The woman suddenly heard plaintive sounds coming from the garbage dump. She moved in that direction and, coming closer, saw a puppy who was trying to find at least something edible in the trash.

The woman called the dog to her, he did not want to approach at first, it was obvious that he was afraid. But after all, he ran up to her, hunger was stronger than fear. The volunteer gave the puppy the name Panda because in color he resembled this cute animal.

The woman took the dog to her home and fed the pet there. He ate very quickly and greedily. Then the volunteer bathed the pet. All this time, the puppy sat completely silent, not making a single sound. He probably enjoyed the bathing process.

Today the dog lives a happy life in the warmth, he is loved and taken care of. Despite the fact that the puppy has already grown up, the animal has remained the same funny and cute. The volunteer came to the new owners of  Panda several times to make sure that he lives in good condition.

But the dog did not recognize his savior and even barked at her. This did not upset the woman, because it is important for her that the pet has a home and is taken care of.

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