«Descended from the rainbow»: a walk after the rain turned into the appearance of a wet puppy in the family

The thunderstorm in May was traditional for this time of year — strong, but fleeting. In an instant, the bright sun turned out to be covered with thunderclouds, and the sky opened up, pouring out a powerful stream of water.

After 10 minutes, everything calmed down, and as soon as the clouds dispersed, a bright rainbow colored the sky.

Anton and Nastya, a young couple, waited out the rain in the house, and when the sun appeared again, they went for a walk. Throwing on windbreakers and rubber boots in case of a repeat of the thunderstorm, they went to look for the edge of the rainbow.

They say that it is impossible to find it, but youth is exactly the time when you want to check everything on personal experience.

Anton and Nastya were walking along a path to a nearby forest belt. On the way, they carefully stepped over puddles and mud.

In the dense bushes away from the path, they heard some kind of squeak, immediately after the sound, a puppy appeared on the path. The baby was soaking wet after the rain. After looking at the people, he began to shake off the moisture.

What a sweet baby. How did he get here? «You came down from the rainbow, didn’t you?» said Nastya. She had long urged Anton to get a dog, but the final decision had not yet been made. This puppy was like a gift of destiny, pushing a couple to have a pet.

The kid greeted them in every possible way, wagging his tail.

The edges of the rainbow were never found by the young couple, but they did find something more valuable — a new friend. The puppy returned home wrapped in Anton’s windbreaker. A contented and happy puppy immediately began to fall asleep, believing that now he would be treated like a treasure found under a rainbow.

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