A strong man kisses and hugs his 14-year-old dog, who dies within seconds.

The dog was very old. It was 14 years old. The dog was sick for a long time and the veterinarians could not find a cure. The only way to stop the animal from suffering was to put the dog to sleep.

The man remembered the day he took the little puppy from the orphanage. The little dog was so happy that he was joyfully running around the house and wagging his tail. They became very friendly. The dog became the son of a man.

But today, they had to say goodbye… for good. A strong man couldn’t stop crying, it hurt him so much to part with his faithful friend.  He hugged and kissed his dog, thanking him for being there for him for so many years and being faithful to him. Then he asked the dog to forgive him for what should have happened in a few minutes. The dog looked at him with understanding and asking eyes as if he wanted the pain to stop.

When the doctor gave the dog medicine, he fell asleep forever. The man started crying loudly and hugging him as if he wanted to bring the dog back to life. But alas…

The man thanked the dog and could hardly say goodbye to his four-legged friend. He wanted those last moments to last forever. He didn’t want to realize he’d lost his fluffy friend.

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