A stray, shy dog followed a woman’s car with hope of survival

It was an ordinary morning. A woman named Valia Orfanidou was driving to work in her car. She works for an organization of orphaned pets in Greece.

Then, in the rearview mirror, she noticed a small black-and-white puppy. He ran after the woman’s car in the hope that she would help him.

She knew that without human help, this tiny puppy wouldn’t survive on the streets. She approached him, but a shy kid crawled under the nearest car.

The woman was very patient. She waited for a while. She called the puppy and said kind words to him.

Soon the doggy calmed down a little and got out from under the car. The woman carefully took the puppy and put him in the back seat of her car. Finally, the baby felt safe.

Valiya first took the puppy to the veterinary clinic for examination.

Doctors said the puppy was perfectly healthy. He was nicknamed Bandit. After a doctor’s appointment, a woman took the puppy to the shelter where she worked. Soon the staff will find him a new home and a loving family. Because every person will be happy to adopt such a lovely puppy. Bandit’s lucky he met Valiya because she changed his life forever.

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