A sick and sad dog was found at one of the bus stops

A dog is the most loyal creature in the world. These animals are distinguished by extraordinary nobility and dedication. They are ready to give their life to their owner. Unfortunately, this is not appreciated in our world, and dogs often tolerate the cruelty of people, hunger, lack of basic care, and medical care.

Such a sad situation happened to a small puppy who was freezing alone at the bus stop, and none of the passers-by even approached him.

Every day people were waiting for the bus at this stop. They looked at the puppy indifferently and continued to languish waiting for transport. Some gave the baby food, but no one took him away, gave him a house. This little puppy wanted only one thing — care and love.

The dog lived at the bus stop for about 6 months. During this time, no one took him away. One day a volunteer woman found out about the baby and hurried to help him.

«When I saw him, the puppy was sitting in a cardboard box. He looked sick, sad, and depressed.»

The woman shed tears when she saw the puppy shaking from the cold. She immediately noticed that something was wrong with the dog.

«This puppy caused me the saddest emotions I have ever experienced,» the woman said.

The first thing the employee of the rescue organization did was to take the puppy to the vet for examination. The doctor made a terrible diagnosis — a lung stroke. Such a disease causes acute excitement and prevents the dog from fully moving. However, the doctor made a good prognosis and said that everything would be fine with the baby.

The puppy felt human care and love for the first time in his life. He reacted enthusiastically to these manifestations because he did not even know that this happens.

After the dog was treated, the woman came to him. She gave the dog a nickname – Charlie. The puppy could already walk on a leash. His full recovery depended only on human care.

Charlie started living with the woman who saved his life. He adored his owner. Now the puppy is almost fine, his health has improved. Charlie’s story ended with a happy ending. This is a great rarity and incredible luck!

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