The cyclist saves the tiny kitten, and the kitten begins to kiss him as a token of gratitude

A cyclist from Brazil named Victor Fonseca went for a day walk. Suddenly he saw a small creature. It was a lost and hopeless kitten.

His heart melted. He couldn’t just walk by and leave the poor animal. After all, it would hardly be able to survive alone. The kitten was small and very weak. Then the man firmly decided: he would take the kitten with him.

Because the cyclist didn’t have a bag to put the kitten in, he put a cute little animal in his shirt.

The kitten felt safe and protected inside the men’s shirt. The kitten kissed the man as a token of gratitude.

Victor is happy because he saved the poor creature. Luckily, he was able to find a forever home for the animal near the place where he lives.

He thinks the kitten will never forget him. A tiny kitten gave a big smile to the cyclist. It was really an adventure that both of them will remember.

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