The man cried when he pulled his lost dog out of a fox hole

It’s very heartbreaking when you lose your beloved pet. That is why pet owners always keep their beloved dogs or cats close to them.

A man who’s a life coach lost his previous dog. He was 49 years old. He decided to get a new dog to overcome his grief. He named the dog Mitzi.

The dog and the man became inseparable and were closely connected. The dog owner used to call the dog a business partner.

Unfortunately, when the dog was a year old, it got lost. Mitzi got scared of another dog, that’s why he ran away. A man was looking for a dog everywhere, but it was useless.

The man was looking for the dog all night. He was heartbroken. The man was afraid the dog would die.

The next day, the man posted the photograph on social media, hoping to find the dog in this way. A short time later, he received a call from another man saying that his dog had detected something in the foxhole.

After the call, the man immediately went to a place where his dog was believed to be.

When the man heard his dog whining, he started digging the ground and dragging it out of the hole. Strangers helped him do it, too.

When the man pulled him out, their reunion was so heart-touching. Everyone here cried. It was finally a Christmas present for a man who survived the horror of thinking he’d lost his beloved dog forever.

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