A horse dying of hunger and thirst was rescued by a teenager. The horse was given a second chance at life

A horse that was dying of hunger and thirst in a pit was spotted by a teenager. The life of the horse changed dramatically after meeting a teenager.

It was 6:30 when Kelsey and her mother, who were driving in the car, noticed a horse lying on one side of the road.

Kelsey saw the horse was exhausted, and she knew she had to save her.

Because they couldn’t take the horse by car, the teenager walked nine miles with the horse. They had been walking for four hours.

When they returned home, the girl began to take care of the horse. Caring Kelsey cared very carefully for the horse, helping her recover.

The horse was called Sonny. The girl fed her well, cured her, and after a while the horse became very alive and healthy. Thanks to this nice girl, the horse has a new chance to live and enjoy life.

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