A grieving dog was digging a grave for its puppies who died after trying to bring them back to life

The dog cried and whined with grief when the puppies she gave birth to died a short time later. It was very painful and unbearable for the mother dog.

First, the mother-dog dug a shallow grave for the puppies. Then the animal pulled the dead puppies out of the grave several times. She just didn’t have the strength to accept the fact that they couldn’t be brought back to life.

A mother dog licked the puppies and did not want to put them back. The dog’s owner tried to take one of the puppies she kept in her mouth.

The owner comforted the mother dog by patting her on the head. The dog suffered from grief. The mother dog lost all her puppies, and it was so stressful for her. She lost her appetite and was always sad.

After a while, she will feel better, and her owner will do everything possible to help her survive and overcome this difficult and sad period of life.

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