A loyal and true friend. Husky refuses to leave his friend who was hit by a car

Animals, like people, have feelings. They can be sad or happy. But each of them expresses their feelings differently.

We’re going to tell you a story about a loyal husky. His friend was hit by a car, and unfortunately, the poor animal died.

The events took place in China. Two dogs crossed the street and one of them was hit by a car. The other refused to leave a dead friend.

The dog was whining and pushing his friend like he was trying to bring him back to life. It took two hours to subdue the animal and force him to go home with his owner.

The dog didn’t want to part with his friend. The dog wanted his friend back. The woman who said she owned the dog was questioned by the police.

After a while, the police allowed a woman to take the dead body of a husky and his friend.

It’s a good example that animals also have feelings. They feel sorry for their loved ones and their close friends. They are loyal and true friends.

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