A thin dog with a bandaged paw wandered down the street, barely able to stand on its feet

Tatiana found a weak and emaciated puppy, whose paw was rewound. When the girl tried to fix the bandage, she noticed a catheter under it. It became clear that the dog was treated, but then how did it end up on the street?

Tatiana contacted animal rights activists, and they tried to find the curator of the animal. A picture of the sick dog was sent to all volunteers, but no one identified the animal. The search for the previous owners also did not help. Perhaps the dog ran away from the former owners, but every step was difficult for it, and no one could understand what brought the animal to the street.

A curator was found for the dog, who took it to the vet for ivs every day. Doctors saved the baby from death. When the doctors confirmed that the dog was healthy enough and could not spend several hours a day under ivs, it was sent for temporary care.

The dog got the nickname “Panda” for funny dark spots around the eyes. And it had to live with other animals in a new place, and when two big dogs began to greet it on arrival, Panda was very confused.

The treatment was over, but the owners of the temporary care were confused by Panda’s poor appetite. The dog ate with pleasure, but very little, so it did not gain weight. The animal did not have enough strength to even stand on its feet, so it constantly tried to sit up or lie down.

Another examination showed that Panda suffers from attacks of acute gastritis. The dog had to undergo another course of treatment. The pills give their result – the baby has an appetite and the portions that it eats have become much larger, gradually strength and energy return to the dog, it began to run around the yard with other residents of the place of temporary care.

The dog will have to undergo a long period of rehabilitation, and then they will look for a new family for the animal.

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