The girl heard the kitten’s squeak and could not believe her ears: the kitten was calling for help from under the ground

Anna lives in the private sector. The girl was doing housework when she suddenly heard a kitten’s plaintive squeak from the street. The kid was clearly calling for help.

The girl started looking. She looked under every bush, looked in every corner, but failed. Anna had no idea where the cat might be hiding and thought it was squeaking at the neighbors. But then she heard a desperate squeak again. The sound was heard so close that there was no doubt that the animal was next to it. The girl bent down to the ground and realized that’s where the sound was coming from.

She began to push back the ground with her palms and pulled out four newborn kittens. It was obvious that burying kittens alive was the work of some monster called a human.

The crumbs have not even dried the rest of the umbilical cord, and they have already had time to experience human cruelty.

Anna brought the crumbs home, fed, warmed, and watered them.

One kitten died. It was exactly the poor kitty who was squeaking out of the ground, trying to ask for help from Anna.

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