Tosya was abandoned in the winter in the forest near the road. The dog lived in a cardboard box

Tosya was taken to a forest outside the city and left there. The abandoned dog lay down under a tree, not far from the road, and refused to leave this place. Caring people brought the animal a box and periodically fed it. From her seat, Tosya looked at the road, following each car and its passengers with a sad look.

A girl living nearby took the dog away from the road to her house several times and tried to find her owners, but Tosya stubbornly ran away and returned to her place, still waiting for the former owners to come to their senses and come for her.

The fact that the dog did not always live on the street could be guessed from the trace of the collar, but how instead of a warm house she turned out to be near the road remained unknown.

Tosya was afraid to move away from her post by the road for a long time, but gradually became bolder and began to explore the surroundings. Every car passing by gave her hope for the return of the owners. As soon as she heard the sound of the engine, Tosya ran out to the road, but the cars did not stop, no one came to take her home.

Tosya believed and waited as long as only the most devoted friend is capable of, but no one came back for her. Probably, the dog realized that she could no longer return to her former life. When the girl came for her again and took her away for temporary care, Tosya did not resist and did not try to return to her post anymore.

And we hope that everything will change in her life, and Tosya will have a loving family again, who will never betray her again.

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