The vocation of these kittens is sleep. Touching shots prove it

The main difference between cats and puppies and small children is that they like to sleep. But even in this state, it is impossible to look away from them. Today we will show you photos of sleeping cats that will not be able to leave anyone indifferent.

We are sure that these pictures will make a splash among Internet users. It is a well-known fact that cats, with age, increase the number of hours they spend sleeping. Kittens sleep only a few hours during the day, and when they reach the age of an adult, they can rest up to 18 hours a day.

A kitten that resembles a fluffy pompom.

Was looking for napkins and fell asleep.

Mother and child sleeping together.

My size.

The most interesting DVD

A limiter for writing an essay, so as not to overdo it.

He flies in the clouds.

It is impossible to admire enough.

Together forever.

We rage and sleep together.

It’s nice to sleep with someone.

A warm place.

A real masterpiece! The cat fell asleep on the glass table.

Quite a liberated creature.

After this baby appeared in the house, I felt superfluous.

Accomplices by interests.

And this one is clearly eating something in his sleep.

The most comfortable position.

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