Police Dog K9 Hailed as Hero for Bringing Missing 2-year-Old Boy Home Safe and Sound

K9 dogs are an invaluable part of any police department. Thanks to their incredible flair, these dogs can do things that human officers cannot do.

One of their most important tasks is to track down people. It’s especially important when it’s a missing young child, and it’s important that the child be found as soon as possible.

Now one dog is being called a hero for bringing home a missing baby alive and unharmed.

On October 20, the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office got a call about a two-year-old boy who had gone missing with his dog in Mason City, Iowa.

Officers searched the property and used a drone to search a nearby wooded area. But it was Officer Dwayne Kemna of the Mason City K9 police and his partner Kilo who saved the day.

Led by Kilo, the officer walked more than half a mile through “a few acres of forest”. They soon found a missing baby who was sitting on a cinder block.

Although the boy was soaking wet and took off his socks and coat, he was unhurt and no medical treatment was required. His own faithful dog was found next to him.

Kilo has now been praised as a hero for helping to track down the missing toddler. With a boy this young, it was essential he was found soon, and with such a large, wooded area, who knows how long the search might’ve lasted without a K9 officer on the trail.

“The family is thankful to law enforcement for the safe recovery of the 2-yr old boy and his dog,” a police press release says.

Thanks to Kilo for saving the day! This is the important job K9 police dogs do every day.

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