A young man was able to save two small kittens from the spilled oil

People who save animals, risking their health and their lives, can be called real heroes.

An accident happened in Nefteyugansk – oil spilled heavily. As a result, the Ob was polluted. One young man, whose name is Anatoly Tuptey, helped to eliminate the consequences. He could not even imagine that he would hear the plaintive crying of kittens.

There was a pipe break and oil began to flow directly into the river, which is an environmental disaster, from which the entire river will suffer greatly.

The guy tried his best to eliminate the accident, but then he heard a plaintive squeak. He realized that they were kittens and rushed to look for them. When Anatoly found the kids, they were completely smeared with oil.

The kittens were swimming in water that was heavily contaminated with oil. The kids clung to the board with the last of their strength.

Without hesitation, Anatoly went into the water up to his waist.

He took out the kittens, wrapped them in his T-shirt and carried them to the shore.

And before this incident, the young man also bravely helped to pull people out of the river, who were swimming in a boat, and it capsized. He also took the equipment out of the water.

The kittens were fine. They quickly settled into their new home.

They met the owner’s dog.

And now they’re all playing together.

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