The owner left an old dog wandering the street asking for food.

A dog named Ray is a breed of Labrador Retrievers. He’s 8 years old, a male dog. Labrador Retriever has been seen roaming the streets of California since its owners decided to get rid of it. The dog’s eyes were sad and irritable. He starved. He looked thin his body was thin and his coat fur was absent.

It’s catastrophic and destructive for a dog to be abandoned by its owners. Owners may reject and not want to care for an old, weak, and sick dog, but they cannot understand the suffering that this will bring to a dog once abandoned by its family.

Luckily, Ray was rescued and spotted by the Carson Shelter in California. The members of the shelter did everything they could to help Ray recover, but unfortunately, he was still unhappy.

He was brought in for adoption very quickly. It feels like a few people want to adopt old dogs. But luckily, he was adopted, and he loves people very sincerely. We just hope he gets the love and care he deserves.

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