A desperate dog whose eyes were full of tears walks 125 miles back to his former owner who got rid of him

The dog named Maru was one year old. The dog was put up for sale to a married couple in Russia. He was sold almost a few months ago. Unfortunately, he was returned to the shelter when the woman turned out to be allergic to dogs.

A faithful and impeccable dog named Maru ran away as the train returned to the place where the dog was born and the train stopped at a distance from the railway station near Achinsk.

The dog got scared, ran away, and went to the owner, who got rid of him. The train members shouted his name everywhere, but it was useless. The owner of the kennel, Alla Morozova, was looking for a puppy and wanted to find the missing dog.

A very tired and injured dog was near his house. The dog’s eyes were full of tears. He felt so rejected and weak. Poor dog walked many miles, almost 125 miles.

The weak dog was lying on the railroad. Luckily, the dog was still alive, although it was strange, and blood was flowing from his paws. He was badly injured. He went through a lot of difficulties on his way. The dog was panicked and very frightened when he tried to jump out of the train door.

The dog was very connected to his owner. The dog had a good skill of map-reading and surely he will get to the former home. Nowadays the dog lives with his family in Novosibirsk. Recently, nothing was done as to the future life of the puppy.

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