This Sad Dog Was Found Abandoned In Parking Lot With Nothing But A Bed For Comfort

Some animals don’t have it easy in life. They get maltreated and abandoned, and it just rips your heart.

We can be so cruel to animals. But it’s hardly surprising, given the way we treat each other.

Wondering about why humans are so cruel is a waste of precious time we could put to better use by helping animals. And that’s exactly what people from Austin Animal Center do.

They help animals and educate people. Their latest rescue was a dog named Bluebelle.

She was found in an empty parking lot in Austin, Texas, where she waited patiently for someone to notice and save her. She was sad, alone, and had no one to comfort her.

The only thing she had was a bed, probably to spare her from laying on the hot concrete. When the animal protection officers arrived, she looked up at them with her sweet, sad eyes and gratefully accepted treats right out of their hands.

“You could tell how grateful Bluebelle was to be rescued and brought to the shelter,” Stephanie McCutcheon, the marketing and volunteer coordinator at the Austin Animal Center told the reporters. “Bluebelle drank a lot of water upon arriving and slept a lot in the air-conditioned comfort of her bed the first couple days.”

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