The owner left the dog tied up in the park with a note, and she went to work in Poland

There are many stories on the Internet about how a person’s best friend faithfully waits for its owner. However, this story is about human betrayal towards her pet. It happened in Kyiv.

The story became known thanks to a caring woman named Marina. She posted a post on social networks that contained a photo of the dog. In the picture, he is standing in the semi-darkness, tied to a fence and it is clear that he is very tense.

There was a bag of things next to the dog and there was also a note. After reading it, Marina found out that the dog used to have a house. The dog’s name is Jack and he was an excellent watchman.

But only his owner decided to go to work in Poland and decided to leave the dog to the mercy of fate in the park. Also in the note, she expressed the hope that the dog would be discovered and someone would take him to live with him.

The woman understood that Jack would not be able to adapt to life on the street after home. However, he did not want to leave his place. The dog was distrustful of people who tried to get closer to him. He probably thought that he needed to stay in the place where the owner left him.

Still, people managed to untie Jack, but he immediately tried to escape. Apparently, in the direction of the house where he used to live with the former owner. After a while, the pet got tired and they were able to catch him. The doggie was scared and suffered because of the cold. He was taken to the veterinary clinic, where the doctor said that Jack would recover.

Now the dog is under a lot of stress. He can’t figure out where his owner went while walking. Most likely, Jack will be sent to a shelter for dogs. If no one decides to take him to himself.

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