The man fed the little red cat, and the animal decided to stay with him forever

It’s a story about a little ginger kitten and a man. The furry beast chose its own owner. There was a story with a painter named Michael who lives in Chicago. That day he decided to mix paints for his painting in his garden in the yard.

Michael was very passionate about his work, so he did not immediately notice the redhead sitting on the fence. Kitten watched the artist work very calmly and attentively. Michael decided to feed the fluffy. While the baby was eating, the man went back to his business, so he didn’t see the animal leave. That’s when he realized that he felt sorry for the kitten and that he needed to help the poor cat not only with food, because it was still young, and that in the street such little ones rarely survive.

Michael got a second chance the next day – the kitty paid him a visit again. The kid even let him pet itself and then take it in his arms. All this time it looked the artist in the eye. Michael claims that that’s when he realized that the cat had chosen him.

So the ginger found an owner and a home. The man named the pet Mel. The most amusing habit of a kitten is its love of sitting on its owner’s shoulder. It resembles a parrot. Michael took a lot of pictures of Mel sitting on his shoulder. These pictures are very popular with the artist’s acquaintances and friends.

And the kitten is very sociable. It gets along well with all the households and other animals that live in the family. Between the ginger and Michael’s father, there’s a special love. If the baby sees Michael’s father sleeping, it runs and goes to sleep on him.

Now Mel has grown up. Michael jokingly complains that his kitten is restless and an imp, as it makes a mess at home, climbing curtains, dropping things. Trying to open the refrigerator and more.

But that doesn’t stop everyone from loving the ginger, and the family is grateful that it chose Michael.

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